Links to Alternative Textbooks

Links will be added as sites are developed.

David Baggins: (first created in 2011)

David Baggins: (first created in 2013)

Jennifer Eagan: (first created in 2013)

Denise Fleming: (first created in 2011)

Caron Inouye: (first created in 2012)

Grant Kien: (first created in 2013)

Fred Leavitt: (first created in 2011)

Denise Liu: (first created in 2012; NOTE:  only available for those with access to CSUEB)

Laura Nelson: (first created in 2012; NOTE: Dr. Nelson has moved to University of California, Berkeley; the site may still be used by remaining faculty in the Anthropology Dept.)

Maria Ortuoste:

Felipe Razo: (first created in 2011; NOTE:  Dr. Razo has since retired from CSUEB)

Carlos Salomon: (first created in 2013)

David Stronck: (first created in 2012)

Lora Teitler: (first created in 2011)

Andrew Wong: (first created in 2011)

Erica Wildy: (first created in 2012)

Shirley Yap: (first created in 2011)

In Dr. Yap’s book, you may see this message:

No jsMath TeX fonts found — using image fonts instead.  These may be slow and might not print well.  Use the jsMath control panel to get additional information.

Follow the instructions under “Technical Notes” on the firstpage to handle the error warnings about jsMath fonts.  Even if the reader ignores this, the book should look fine.
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